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Renovation Loans

   Renovation loans can be a home buyer’s best friend.    How is that, you may ask?    Because the renovation loan is used to purchase a house – you kind of like – and turn it into the Home of your dreams, all before you move in!    With rates at historic lows and properties...

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About Carmelo

Carmelo Vitello Lender for Home LoanThe Senior Loan Officer behind Lender for Home Loan. Since 1988 I have been writing and closing mortgage loans in the New York tri-state area. I have mainly worked for the biggest and top banks during all these years like Home Savings, The Dime Savings, Wells Fargo and most recently Washington Mutual and Bank of America. I also became certified for doing Construction and Renovation loans for those big banks.
    Times have changed and now I can now offer you the BEST of what is available in financing for your present or future home. … I am now proudly working for Citizens Bank, a portfolio – direct lender who is dedicated in having the best programs and pricing for residential home owner needs.
    I still specialize in Construction and Renovation loans and I can help you get into your dream home, built to your specifications!
   Do you know you can do a purchase-renovation or a purchase-knockdown-new construction loan to get into your true “dream home”? … Please call me today to learn how! … I am also a pro on Co-Op and Condominium financing. We are one of the very few banks that will do a purchase-renovation loan for Co-Op’s and Condo’s in the NYC area! Please call me for the latest information on building approvals.